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If you are new to electronic payment methods or have an existing payment processor, either e-commerce or traditional brick and mortar business, simply fill out our application to get started.

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Once processing with us you are activated and automatically signed up for MyStoreCentral.

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You will receive an activation email which will allow you to use your site through the login page.

Thank you for your interest in MyStoreCentral. Your processing will be handled by our processors, with a high approval rate of acceptance and where notification of approval usually takes less than one hour during business hours or next day after.

Whether you are new to electronic payment methods or have a current processor, we can provide our service to you. Signing up for our service is fast and easy, simply fill out the application here and within minutes a confirmation email will be sent to you.

If you have an account with our processors please provide your Merchant Identifier along with the information requested. Should you experience any difficulties signing up please call Customer Service @ (800) 449-8012 option 2. Having your account information available is appreciated.

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